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B-T Models B021A
Midland Scottish (route 39)
B021A front view B021A rear view
OperatorMidland Scottish Omnibus Ltd
Fleet No.MPE 344 RegistrationULS 651T
Route No.38 DestinationCallander
Livery NotesCream with blue waistband
NotesA pre-production model photograph was issued showing the model with a Stirling destination. The final production models all have Callander destinations.
IssuedJune 2015 Release TypeStandard
Total IssuedUnknown Box Type Clear Plastic/Blue Card Outer
B021A off-side view B021A Pre-production sample with Callander destination B021A Pre-production sample with Stirling destination
A second photograph of a pre-production model was issued showing it with a Stirling rather than Callander destination carried on the final production models.
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