ABC TRA5000 & TRA5300 Series
Alexander Bodied Volvo Ailsa & Daimler Fleetline Double Deck Buses

The single door Volvo Ailsa was ABC's first model, the first release was issued in October 2000 and was a model in Harrow Buses livery commissioned by the Model Bus Federation. The first standard release followed in November 2000 and was another Ailsa this time in the livery London Buses subsidiary London Northern.
In all 10 UK spec Ailsa models were produced with the last being released in August 2001. Among the ten were two privately commissioned models TRA500X & UM-002. A further similar model 000701 in China Motor Bus livery was produced for the Hong Kong market in March 2001 and some examples were also exported to the UK.

Only one UK version of the Alexander bodied Daimler Fleetline model was produced and this was in Fife Scottish colours. The model was of dual door configuration and was issued in March 2001.

All the models issued have poseable front wheels, on the Ailsa the front grille is hinged to reveal the radiator while the engine can be accessed via the opening bonnet cover on the rear of the Fleetline.

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Thumbnail Cat No. Fleet Name (Operator Legal Name) Fleet No. Registration Route No. & Destination Released
TRA5000 Series - Volvo Ailsa Alexander 9.8m - Single Door
000600 Series - Volvo Ailsa Alexander 10.3m - Dual Door
TRA5300 Series - Daimler Fleetline Alexander - Dual Door