Britbus AS Series
AEC Swift Single Deck Bus

The AEC Swift was a shorter version of the earlier AEC Merlin, London Transport purchased 838 examples and these remained in service until the early 1980's and proved much more successful than their earlier Merlin cousins.

The Britbus model can be produced in three versions, Single door, dual door & dual door with wide set head lamps. The models can also fitted with different seating layouts which allow standee & versions with & without the automatic ticket collection equipment to be produced.

The first models were issued in 2005 and fairly rapid flow of new releases continued up until early 2007.
The model features poseable front wheels but unlike must other Britbus models doesn'tt have an opening rear engine panel.

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Thumbnail Cat No. Fleet Name (Operator Legal Name) Fleet No. Registration Route No. & Destination Released
AS1-XX - Single Door Models
AS2-XX - Dual Door Models
AS2W-XX models have the later frontal dash panel with wider set head lamps