Britbus LH & LHW Series
Bristol LH ECW Single Deck Bus

The ECW bodied Bristol LH was a popular choice of small bus for many National Bus Company group operators during the seventies. The ECW body was available in either 7.6ft & 8ft wide form and the bus proved a reliable and long lived workhorse that was often snapped up by smaller operators after their original owners had disposed of them.

London Transport had a fleet of 95 BL Class vehicles built to the narrower layout, there life in the capital was relatively short however with most being replaced by new vehicles in the eighties.

The Britbus models cover both versions of the body, all the narrow LH-xx models to date have depicted vehicles from the batch originally supplied to London Transport and all but two of the wider LHW-xx versions have been produced in standard National Bus Company red or green livery

Neither version of the model has poseable front wheels or any opening features

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Thumbnail Cat No. Fleet Name (Operator Legal Name) Fleet No. Registration Route No. & Destination Released
LH - Standard Width Version
LHW - Wide Version