NMCL UKBUS 6800 Series
ADL Enviro400 "City" & Enviro400EV Double Deck Buses
Northcord Press Release 4th February 2020
ukbus 6800 ADL Enviro400City on Trident 2 & BYD Chassis

Northcord Model Company is now pleased to announce that the company has successfully concluded its licensing negotiations with Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) and has been authorised to model the Enviro400 “City” body based on both the Dennis Trident 2 chassis and the BYD chassis, the latter named as the Enviro400EV.

Northcord Model Company had developed the ADL Enviro400MMC models (ukbus 6500 series) since January 2018, and during the two years since then, more than 15,000 units of ukbus 6500 bus models have been produced. All ukbus 6500 series models have gained excellent success and reputation worldwide, and especially in both the Hong Kong and UK markets.

Preparation of this brand-new casting is expected to commence in the second part of 2022. As the Enviro400City is developed from the former Enviro400 series, Northcord Model Company will put the new products into a new sub-series categorised ukbus 6800 et seq, as a continuation from the current ukbus 6500 model range, and the ukbus 6000 range before that. The collectors will therefore recognise these models as the follow up version within the ADL Enviro400 double deck bus family.

The newly developed comprehensive casting will initially include the following versions of Britain’s best-selling double-deck buses:
1. 10.8 metre 1 & 2 door BYD-chassised Enviro400 City
2. 10.9 metre 1 & 2 door Enviro400 City Trident 2-chassised to follow as a continuation of the previous Enviro400 MMC Licence Agreement.

Northcord Model Company will make an announcement in detail about planned liveries and model dimensions nearer to its launch date. The range will be expanded with the shorter versions of each type in due course.

NMC is currently engaged in researching and negotiating licensing with Scania for the possibility of utilising the Trident 2 Enviro400City body as the basis for a Scania N280UD derivation that will, of course, be listed within the ukbus00xx range due to the different wheelbase and front and rear overhang dimensions compared to the Trident 2 variant. Whilst the metal parts of the body will be those of the Trident 2, the glazing will be to the discrete design as applied to the Scania. These buses are being taken by a number of high-profile fleets such as Nottingham, in its variety of route branding colours, and various First fleets, and production of all NMC models is subject to end user agreement, of course.

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