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London Transport - Central Area
Route 34 - Holidays in Scotland Advert
10124 front view 10124 rear view
Fleet No.SRT29 RegistrationFJJ 736
Route No.34 DestinationWalthamstow Crooked Billet
AdvertsSide adverts -" British Railways - Holidays in Scotland by Rail - Day And Night Services - British Railways" (near side) and "Brylcreem Your Hair" (off-side)."Drought" and "Watch That Tap" front adverts. "Aspro For Feverish Colds" rear advert. "Watch Your Step" advert on offside rear corner.
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and upper deck window surrounds. Black mudguards and gold fleetnames
IssuedJanuary 1998 Release Standard
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