101 & 102
Baseplate Variations on London RT Class Models
Baseplate Version A (Smooth - AEC Regent legend)
Baseplate Type A (Smooth - A.E.C. REGENT)

Version A Baseplate (A.E.C. REGENT' - Smooth)

This baseplate has a smooth shiny finish and can only be be found on the very early releases of models 101 and 102. These appear to have all been first issued during 1989.
Some subsequent Code 2 and Code 3 models based on the original 1989 releases were however issued as late at June 1992 with the smooth bases. The models known to have these bases (there may be others) are 10101S, 10101SA, 10101SB, 10101SC, 10101SD, 10101SE, 10102S, 10102SA, 101002A, 101002B, 101003A, 101003B, 101003C, 101004A, 101004B, 101004C, 101005, 101006S, 101007A, 101008, 101009, 101010, 10201S, 10202S and 102003.

Version B Baseplate ('A.E.C. REGENT'- Textured)
The second style baseplate again features the AEC REGENT legend but has a textured finish. This version was also short lived being used on versions of models 101 and 102 released in the first half of 1990. The following models are known to have these bases (there may be others) 10101T, 10101TA, 10101TB, 10101TC, 10102T, 10103, 10103A, 10103B, 10104, 10104A, 10104B, 10105, 10106, 10117, 101001, 101006T, 101007A, 101007B, 10201T, 10202T, 102001, 102002.
It should be noted that certain livery varitaions can be found with both Type A or Type B baseplates.

Version C Baseplate ('R.T./ R.T.L. Bus'- Textured)
Following the introduction of the RTL version of the model, the baseplate was once again revised with the 'A.E.C. REGENT' legend being replaced with 'R.T./ R.T.L. BUS'. This allowed EFE to use the same baseplate on all 101xx, 102xx and 111xx releases.
This third version of baseplate has been used on all issues of the RT and RTL models since July 1990 including both the later roof box versions, 164xx and 228xx.

Version D Baseplate ('R.T./ R.T.L. Bus'- Textured)
Following the re-tooling in 2007/8 a fourth baseplate was introduced which features slightly narrower and more accurate front mudguards but still carries the same RT and RTL wording as found on the type C baseplates.
Baseplate Version B (Textured - AEC Regent legend)
Baseplate Type B (Textured - A.E.C. REGENT)
Baseplate Version C (Textured - RT / RTL Bus legend)
Baseplate Type C (Textured - R.T./ R.T.L. BUS)

Baseplates and This Web Site

Too try and keep things simple I have indicated in the Notes field for each model if a Type A or B baseplate is fitted. Just too make things more confusing some livery versions exist with both baseplate types!
If no mention is made, then the model has a Type C baseplate, which is now the standard version.