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London Transport - Central Area
Route 36 - Watneys Advert
16406A front view 16406A rear view
Fleet No.RT683 RegistrationJXC 46
Route No.36 DestinationWest Kilburn And Marylebone Rd
AdvertsSide adverts - "We Want Watneys Brown Ale" (near-side) and "Post it to Vernons for a Big win!" (off-side)."Westons Quality Westons Biscuits Westons" front adverts
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and upper deck front and side window surrounds. Black mudguards and gold fleetnames
NotesA limited edition of 1400 models supplied with a numbered certificate, and only available to members of the EFE Subscriber Service via a mail order offer. This model has a tampo printed route board in the front near-side window reading "Long Live The Queen - Marylebone Rd".
IssuedJanuary 2004 Release Standard
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