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34001B (Code 3)
London Transport - Central Area
(Route 339 - Epping Ongar Railway)
34001B front view 34001B rear view
Most photographs kindly supplied by Melvyn Jones
Fleet No.RT5 RegistrationFXT 180
Route No.339 DestinationEpping Station
AdvertsEpping Ongar Railway London's Local Line (all adverts)
LiveryRed with with cream window surrounds, between decks band and silver roof. Black mudguards and gold fleet names
NotesThis model was produced for the Epping Ongar Railway and is believed to have been first available at bus related event in October 2016.
Model has the advertisements & route destinations printed on labels.
Limited edition of 300 pieces.
IssuedOctober 2016 Release Code 3 / Standard
34001B front view 34001B rear view
34001B front & rear view
34001B Side advert 34001B rear adverts
34001B Box Label 34001B Box
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