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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 62 - Drive A Bus with us advert)
34103 front view 34103 rear view
Fleet No.RT624 RegistrationJXC 432
Route No.62 DestinationBarking Garage
Adverts"Drive A Bus With Us 402 0011" (near side), "The great name in tape cassettes TDK" (off-side), "LBC 261 radio where news comes first" (rear offside between decks) and "Barking 404 0202 0332 Steerens Car Van Truck Rental Forest Gate 471 22285" (rear offside corner spot)
LiveryRed with light grey between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleet names
NotesThis model depicts the last RT to operate in public service with London Transport in April 1979.
This model only has a single between decks advertisement on the rear which correctly reflects that found on the real vehicle.
IssuedMay 2009 Release Standard
34103 front view 34103 rear view
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