EFE Bus & Coach Models
The Missing Registration Numbers
An early EFE model without number plates

10117 was the first EFE model issued with number plates

Early EFE Models
When EFE first started releasing models in 1989 they made the decision not to apply registration marks to the standard issue models.
This situation continued until May 1992 when the first model with factory applied number plates, the Green Line RT bus (10117), was produced for members of the Official EFE Collectors Club.

A small number of models began to appear with registration from 1993 in the Deluxe Series range, these were mainly reworked versions of earlier bus releases however. EFE also applied number plates to a small number of commissioned models.

Corgi launched their new 1/76 Original Omnibus Company range in June 1994 and from the off all the models had registration numbers, in the Spring of 1995 EFE announced it would start adding registrations to all future model releases and the first such enhanced model, a B.O.A.C. Bedford SB Duple Vega (18705), was released in June 1995, since August 1995 all the models released have had registration plates as standard.

Model List
The list below has been compiled to where possible identify the correct registration for each of the 250 plus models issued without them.

I've added notes explaining how the registrations listed were selected, in most cases these have been matched to the fleet numbers found on the models, but for models without numbers, I've listed a set of marks known to have been allocated by the operator to vehicles matching the model type & livery.

Thanks are extended to John Kemplen for additional vehicle possibilities & several corrections.

Finally if you believe there are any error or omissions in the list, please let me know.

Last updated 6th August 2023
Cat No. Registration Alternative Marks Notes
101xx - AEC RT Bus
102xx - AEC RT Bus Open Top
111xx - RTL Bus
119xx - Harrington Cavalier Coach
121xx - Harrington Cavalier Coach
122xx - Harrington Grenadier Coach
123xx - Harrington Grenadier Coach
139xx - Bristol Lodekka FLF Bus
140xx - Bristol Lodekka FLF Bus
141xx - Bristol Lodekka FLF Bus
142xx - Bristol Lodekka FLF Bus
144xx - Short Leyland National Mark I Bus
146xx - Leyland National Series 2 Bus
147xx - Short Leyland National Mark II Bus
151xx - Long Leyland National Mark I Bus
156xx - AEC Routemaster Bus
157xx - Plaxton Panorama Elite Coach
158xx - Leyland Titan PD1 Lowbridge Bus
159xx - Leyland Titan PD1 Highbridge Bus
160xx - Leyland Titan PD2 Lowbridge Bus
161xx - Leyland Titan PD2 Highbridge Bus
162xx - Bristol MW/LS ECW Coach
163xx - Bristol LS ECW Bus
164xx - AEC RT Bus with Roofbox
165xx - Leyland Atlantean Metro-Cammell Bus
166xx - Short Leyland National Mark I Bus
167xx - Short Leyland National Mark I Bus
169xx - Short Leyland National Mark II Bus
172xx - Long Leyland National Mark I Bus
173xx - Long Leyland Mark I Bus
178xx & 179xx - AEC Routemaster Open Top Bus
180xx - Daimler Fleetline Metro-Cammell Bus
181xx - Leyland Atlantean Park Royal Bus
182xx - Daimler Fleetline Park Royal Bus
183xx & 184xx - Leyland Tiger TS8 Bus
187xx - Bedford SB Duple Vega Coach
197xx - AEC Regent Metro-Cammell Orion Bus
198xx - Daimler CVG6 Metro-Cammell Orion Bus
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