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The RTL Story (Volume III)
Set 19903 - Box Set 19903 - Contents
Set TypeBuses Models in set3
Model 111101 - Leyland Titan RTL Double Deck Bus
 Contactus - Fleet Number: None - Registration: None - Route: 10 Private
 Livery: Green with yellow between decks band and dark green mudguards. White fleet names.
Model 211102 - Leyland Titan RTL Double Deck Bus
 London Transport ~ Central Area - Fleet Number: RTL815 - Registration: None - Route: 77A Raynes Park
 Livery: Red with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleet names.
Model 311103 - Leyland Titan RTL Double Deck Bus
 London Transport ~ Country Area - Fleet Number: RTL1245 - Registration: None - Route: 303A New Barnet Station
 Livery: Green with beige between decks band. Gold fleet names.
NotesLimited Edition of 10,008 sets supplied with numbered certificates. The models are packaged in a custom card box that resembles a book.
CommissionerStandard Issue Set.
IssuedJuly 1990 Release Type Standard Issue Boxed Set
Set 19903 - Models 11101, 11102, 11103
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