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World War II - VE Day
Set 19906 - Box front Set 19906 - Box rear
Set TypeBus & tram Models in set2
Model 113404 - Leeds Horsefield Tram (Bow)- Leeds City Transport - Fleet Number: 223 - Registration: N/A - Route: 14 Town End via Armley Road
 Livery: Drab green with white waistband, maroon chassis and grey roof.
Model 218304 - Leyland TS8 Single Deck Bus (Small Destination) - Yorkshire Woollen - Fleet Number: 24 - Registration: None - Route: 24 Halifax
 Livery: Matt grey with white blackout markings on black mudguards and life guards.
NotesSet models were supplied in individual standard boxes, enclosed in special card outer sleeve.
Both models were also available as individual releases.
CommissionerStandard Issue Set.
IssuedMay 1995 Release Type Standard Issue Sleeved Set
Set 19906 Leeds Tram 13404 Set 19906 Leyland TS8 Bus 18304
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