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EFE & OOC Zone - Information Sources
A number of sources have been used to compile the model information shown on this site however the majority of what is found on the EFE site was put together by actually examining the individual models themselves.

Complete World of Exclusive First Editions
'The EFE book' which has model listings & colour pictures of all the models released up to December 1997. Highly Recommended
Authors: Vic Davey & Danny C. Y. Chan
Publisher: Northcord Transport

EFE Release Sheets
The monthly release sheets supplied to Subscriber Service members & dealers. Most of these are re-produced on the the yearly model release pages.
Publisher: Gilbow Holdings

EFE & Corgi OOC Model Buses - A Collectors Reference Guide
Each annual edition lists all the EFE, Corgi OOC, Britbus, & CMNL models. A comprehensive reference guide ideal for keeping track of any collection.
Author: Anne Letch

Exclusive First Editions A Collectors Guide.
The 1995 edition lists all the EFE models in great detail and was one of a number of guides produced by the Exclusive First Editions Official Collectors Club during the 1990's.
Author: Ken Benham
Publisher: EFE Collectors Club

Peter Harrison
Who kindly allowed me to extract much of the OOC model information directly from his model list. The latest versions his comprehesive and regularly update lists covering most of the major 1:76 bus model ranges can be found on the The Modelbus Website.

British Model Buses.com
A massive web based resource containing details and pictures of model buses from all the major British bus model ranges.
Site Owner: Gareth Jones

Oriental Model Buses
Another comprehensive site covering the large array of Hong Kong & Chinese models buses which have been produced by a wide range of manufacturers.
Site Owner: Graham White

Bus Stop Models
The much visited South Harrow model shop in Northwest London which stocks the full range of EFE models, and a whole lot more.
Proprietor: Margaret Robinson

Other Sources
Other bits & bobs have been gathered from various model magazines, web sites & Yahoo Groups
(see links page for more model related web sites)

EFE & OOC Zone - Contributors
Since the launch of the site a growing number of visitors have kindly supplied additional information and corrections. I'm particularly indebted to the following people who have all supplied model pictures, their efforts have allowed me to illustrate all but a handful of the models on this site.

Software Used to Produce This Site
If anyone's interested here's a list of all the various PC applications that I've used to produce and test this site:

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GIMP 2 (Open Source photo editor & bitmap graphics)
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