Classic Tinplate
99300-4   Miller Racing Cars
99301 Red Miller Racing Car 99301 Red Miller Racing Car 99302 Green Miller Racing Car
The famous Miller Racing Cars won 73 out of 92 major motor races in the US between 1922 and 1929.
Their revolutionary design was to be copied by many other manufactures in both the US and Europe changing the face of motor sport forever.

This fine 19 inch long model launched the 1/8th scale Classic Tinplate Range in late 2002.
These highly detailed models are fitted with working leaf springs and are powered by a clockwork motor which drives the fully steerable front wheels.
The model was produced in a choice of 5 colours and each was supplied with a poseable driver figure kitted out in period clothing & goggles.
These hand built models were only available either direct by mail order from Gilbow or at the annual Showbus Rally, they were retailed at £199.00.

Another clockwork model based on a Dreadnought ship appears to have got to a fairly advanced stage of pre-production, a publicity photograph showing five different versions and carrying "The Dreadnoughts are coming" heading was included on the 2004 edition of EFE Master List CD ROM. To date no further details have been released regarding these large 21 inch long models.
Cat No.Base ColourRacing No.
IssuedLate 2002 (Direct from Gilbow) Release TypeSpecial box
The three pictures below have been scanned from an EFE Release Sheet
99300 Black Miller Racing Car 99303 Yellow Miller Racing Car 99304 White Miller Racing Car
 Miller Racing Car Box