1938 Stock London Underground Tube Trains
80003A, 80103A, 80203A, 80303A - London Transport Museum's Preserved 1938 Stock Tube Train Carriages
All part of London Transport Museum Gift Set 99931A
Photographs show the original standard release versions of the models

Please email me if you can supply photographs of the actual models included in this set.
Cat No. Carriage Type Number Destination
80003A "A" Driving Carriage 11012 171 Amersham (Metropolitan Line)
1938 Tube Stock - 80003
80103A "D" Driving Carriage 10012 171 Amersham (Metropolitan Line)
1938 Tube Stock - 80103
80203A Non Driving Motor Trailing Carriage 12048 --
1938 Tube Stock - 80203
80303A Trailing Carriage 012256 --
1938 Tube Stock - 80303
Livery Maroon with red roof & Gold London Transport fleetnames
Notes These models were released in a 4 carriage gift set 99931A. Model supplied in individual boxes enclosed in a special card sleeve.
All four models are re-workings of earlier releases 80003, 80103, 80203 & 80303 and were produced for the London Transport Museum.
These models depict the four operational carriages preserved in the Museum's collection working a special enthusiast's excursion on the Metropolitan Line. The fleet numbers for the A & D Driving cars have been transposed on the models.
Issued November 2011 Range Code 2 / Gilbow Railway Collection

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