1938 Stock London Underground Tube Trains
80004A, 80104A, 80204A, 80304A - Metropolitan East London Line (Last Day Of Service)
All part of Gift Set 99931/1
Photographs show the original standard release versions of the models

Please email me if you can supply photographs of the actual models included in this set.
Cat No. Carriage Type Number Destination
80004A "A" Driving Carriage 10082 Whitechapel
1938 Tube Stock - 80004A
80104A "D" Driving Carriage 11082 Whitechapel
1938 Tube Stock - 80104A
80204A Non Driving Motor Trailing Carriage 12079 --
1938 Tube Stock - 80204A
80304A Trailing Carriage 012213 --
1938 Tube Stock - 80304A
Livery Maroon with dark grey roof. Gold London Transport fleetnames (Early 1950's era)
Notes These models were released in a 4 carriage gift set 99931/1 and were supplied in individual boxes enclosed in a card sleeve.
All four models are re-workings of earlier releases 80004, 80104, 80204 & 80304.
These models carry "Last Day Of Service" notices on the carriage doors and were commissioned by the London Transport Museum to mark the transfer of the East London Line from the Underground to Overground network.
Issued December 2007 Range Gilbow Railway Collection

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