Motorised 1938 Stock London Underground Tube Trains
80008, 80108, 80208 & 80308 - Northern Line (1960s Livery)
All part of Set E99939
All the images show the Bachmann Europe pre-production livery samples
Cat No. Carriage Type Number Destination
80008 "A" Driving Carriage (motorised) Carriage 10292 / Train 40 High Barnet via Charing X
80108 "D" Driving Carriage (motorised) Carriage 11292 / Train 40 High Barnet via Charing X
80208 Non Driving Motor Trailing Carriage 12134  
80308 Trailing Carriage 012370  
99939 Set 99939 1938 stock tube train set
Photographs show pre-production livery samples
Livery Maroon with grey roof & gold London Transport fleet names & carriage numbers.
Notes These models were released in the motorised EFE Rail range set E99939
Issued Future Release Range EFE Rail Motorised Set

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