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Models 80402,80502,80602,80702
Northern Line (White, blue & red livery)
London Transport
Models 80402, 80502, 80602 & 80702
Some photographs courtesy of Hattons Model Railways
Release TypeNon motorised carriages issued individually.
LiveryWhite with blue skirt and grey roof. Red passenger doors. Red and blue Underground roundels. Driving cars have red fronts with silver panel around destination display. (1990s livery)
NotesCarriages have no smoking signs applied to side windows.
The correct connection order of the cars is: Driving Car A (I) Trailer Car (IV) Non-Driving Motor Car (III) Driving Car D (II).
IssuedDecember 2003 Release / Packaging Standard / Indivdual EFE boxes
EFE model 80402
Model IDriving Carriage Type A (Part ref no. 8042) Carriage No.1028
Train No.024 DestinationEdgware via Bank
EFE model 80502
Model IIDriving Carriage Type D (Part ref no. 80502) Carriage No.1029
Train No.024 DestinationEdgware via Bank
EFE model 80602
Model IIINon Driving Motor Carriage (Part ref no. 80602) Carriage No.9029
EFE model 80702
Model IVTrailer Car (Part ref no. 80702) Carriage No.2028
EFE Model 80702 - Models individually Ppackaged
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