1962 Stock London Underground Tube Trains
80802, 80902, 81002, 801102 - Central Line (Epping Line / Silver and Grey)
All part of Gift Set 99929
1962 Tube Stock - 80802
The above image was scanned from an Official EFE Release Sheet.
Cat No. Carriage Type Number Destination
80802 "A" Driving Carriage 1742 Epping
80902 "D" Driving Carriage 1743 Epping
81002 Motor Trailing Carriage 9742  
81102 Non Motor Trailing Carriage 2743  
Livery Silver with dark grey roof and red fleet names.
Notes The four models were issued in normal individual tube train boxes, which were enclosed in an outer card sleeve to form Gift Set 99929
Issued July 2006 Range Part of Standard Sleeved Gift Set 99929

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