Forward Models (Birmingham) Ltd
Birmingham Standard Double Deck Buses

Forward Models (Birmingham) Ltd is a new company set up in 2011. It plans to release a series of diecast models based on the "Birmingham Standard" style of double decker body. The Standards were used by Birmingham City Transport to replace it's aging double deck fleet after World War II and were purchased in large numbers.

The body design was actually far from standard and there were many variations between the batches supplied by body builders such as Metro-Cammell & Crossley. The vehicles also came in both concealed (tin front) & exposed radiator versions and were mounted on chassis provided by several manufacturers including Guy, Crossley, Leyland & Daimler.

Five models were initially announced and all were released in limited quantities at the Showbus Rally in September 2012. The main consignment of models were released in November 2012.

The models feature both tin front & exposed radiator variants and although the first five all depicted Birmingham City Transport vehicles, in traditional dark blue & cream colours, other liveries and operators are due to follow in early 2014.

The first pair of models were produced for the Wythall Transport Museum while the others were all standard releases available from model retailers.
All the models can also be ordered direct from Forward Models via their website at
A Forward also have a range of alternative destination blind transfers available for the Birmingham models along with a kit which includes a Bundy clock, bus stop & bus shelter.

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Thumbnail Cat No. Fleet Name (Operator Legal Name) Fleet No. Registration Route No. & Destination Released
NGS Series - New Look Guy Arab (Tin Front)
EC Series - Crossley Exposed Radiator
NDB Series - New Look Daimler (Tin Front)
NG Series - New Look Guy Arab (Tin Front)
ED Series - Daimler CVD6
GD Series
Proposed Models For 2019 - Some details below may be subject to change

WRB - Waterslide Route Blind Transfers
Thumbnail Cat No. Transfer Set Name Routes & Destination Released

Thumbnail Cat No. Accessory Notes Released