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Sunday 28 February
More Corgi OOC Releases
The following Corgi OOC models have now been released in the UK and should be with retailers this week.

OM46517A Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 - Go Ahead North East {6117 / Route X10 Newcastle} Royal Fusiliers 50th Anniversary all over livery

OM46517B Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 - Go Ahead North East {6117 / Route X10 Middlesbrough} Royal Fusiliers 50th Anniversary all over livery

Thanks are extended to Melvyn at Ace Model Buses for the above news. Melvyn informs me that he has found one of the original Wrightbus Royal Fusilier 50th Commemorative sets (OM46620) that he did know he had while doing a warehouse stock check. The item is mint, boxed & includes the certificate. (Details Here)

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Thursday 25 February
Northcord UK Model Release
The following model has now been released in the UK and should be with model retailers shortly.

Click to enlarge
UKBUS6521 Xplore Dundee - ADL Enviro400 MMC Double Deck Bus

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Sunday 21 February
Corgi OOC & IXO Models Releases
The following models are expected to be released in the coming week.

Corgi OOC - 1:76 Scale

OM46631A New Routemaster Bus - Arriva London {LT980 Route 59 Euston} Seedlip allover livery

OM46631B New Routemaster Bus - Arriva London {LT980 Route 59 Streatham Hill} Seedlip allover livery

IXO Models - 1:43 Scale

BUS026 London Transport Red Route 62 - AEC RT Bus

Schuco Models
Newly available in the UK according to wholesaler John Ayrey Diecast is this large 1:18 scale coach.
This diecast model is 38cm (15 inches) long) and not surprisingly has a equally large RRP of £258.99.

00348 Setra S6 Coach - Vestischer Reisedienst (Brown/Green)

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Sunday 21 February
TTC Diecast Commissioned Rapido Leyland Fleetline Models
TTC Diecast have commissioned four further West Midland Leyland Fleetline models in liveries not available on the 20 previously announced standard issue models. These models will be exclusive to TTC Diecast.

The first model has been commissioned by popular demand and has been added to compliment the routes already offered by Rapido themselves.

65379 Leyland Fleetline, West Midlands PTE (Blue/Cream) 6537 / SDA 537S - Route 9 QUINTON via HAGLEY ROAD - 100 Certified Pieces

The other three models all carry a special silver & blue livery that was used to mark the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977.

6431501 Leyland Fleetline, West Midlands PTE, (Silver Jubilee 1977) 6431 / NOC 431R - Route 501 WOLVERHAMPTON VIA TETTENHALL

64329  Leyland Fleetline, West Midlands PTE, (Silver Jubilee 1977) 6432 / NOC 432R - Route 9 CITY CENTRE VIA HAGLEY ROAD

643314 Leyland Fleetline, West Midlands PTE, (Silver Jubilee 1977) 6433 / NOC 433R - Route 14 CITY VIA ALUM ROCK

The above 3 silver models will be made and sold individually, or as a set of 3 (individually packed) with a small discount. All are limited to just 168 Pieces of each.
All four models feature working front, rear ,interior & destination lights (external power supply required). All have the standard retail price of £54.99 with the 3 Silver ones if bought together coming in at £159.99.

Because of the exclusivity and low numbers of these models, TTC customers will be limited to purchase just 1 piece of each of all 4 models. (IE maximum of 4 models in total if one of each is required)
TTC Diecast are also offering an interest free payment plan for 1 to 10 of the Rapido Fleetline which allows the payments to be spread over four equal payments.

To place pre-orders or for more on the payment plan, please visit the site.

TTC Diecast have also given an update on their Resin Specialist Mancunian Prototypes, following the delays caused by Covid, these are on their way back to Hong Kong for final tweaking before manufacturing commences.
Both version which are each limited to 150 pieces each have now sold out on pre-order. A reserve waiting list has been opened which will re-allocate any stock where the original pre-orders are cancelled. The models are expected to be priced around £125.00 each.

More details on the TTC Diecast site.

Sunday 14 February
Rapido Trains Announced N Scale Bus Models
Rapido Trains have announced they will be producing N scale versions of the New Look American bus, these follow the companies success with the earlier 1/87 scale versions.

Pre-production sample shot of the model

Twelve liveries have been announced and pre-orders are now open for US & Canadian customers via their website, it's not known if these will be imported into the UK as yet, but the models which have illuminated headlights, brake lights & interior lighting. They are priced USD $34.95 / CAD $39.95.
There are various options available in terms of bumper types: steel, water or rubber & whether or not a rear air conditioning unit is fitted. These models have full interior & chassis detailing.

The liveries available:
573001 Boston

573002 Go Transit (Note higher price: USD $39.95 / CAD $44.95)
573003 Montreal
573004 New York (Green)
573005 New York (Blue)
573006 Toronto (Maroon)
573007 Toronto (Red/Black)
573008 Santa Monica 2525

The Generic models below appear to come with a choice of different bumpers & include a self fit air conditioning unit.
573096 Generic Blue

573097 Generic Red
573098 Generic White
573099 Generic Silver

Full details & design cells can be found on the site.

Thursday 11 February
Oxford Release Update
A digital version of the latest catalogue has now been posted on the Oxford Diecast site.

This contains revised expected release dates for most of the previously announced Oxford Omnibus Range models.

76MW6006 Bristol MW ECW Coach - West Yorkshire - Due Q1/2021
76LRT010 Leyland Royal Tiger Coach - Mexborough & Swinton - Due Q2/2021
76SB007 Saro Integral Bus - East Midland - Due Q2/2021
76IR6006 Scania Irizar i6 Coach - City Link Air - Due Q2/2021
NLRT007 Leyland Royal Tiger Coach - North Western - Due Q2/2021
76AMT001 Alexander M Type Coach - Scottish - Due Q4/2021
76PB010 Commer PB Post bus - Royal Mail Scotland - unknown (Not listed in catalogue, but still on website)

The digital PDF version of the Feb-May catalogue can be found at:

Monday 8 February
Bachmann's EFE Cravens RT Update
The latest issue of the Bachmann Collectors Club's "Bachmann Times" magazine contains an update on the progress of the new EFE tooling for the Craven's RT model.
Three photographs show the first shot of the model in undecorated form. This has a one piece diecast body with plastic engine cover, radiator & front wing assembly.

Bachmann are now awaiting the engineering sample and will announce further details of the exact vehicles & routes which they intend to depicted soon.

Bachmann asked collectors for route suggestions when they initially announced the model, the first release is expected during 2021.
E40301 London Transport Country Area (Green & cream livery)
E40302 London Transport Country Area (Green livery)
E40303 London Transport Central Area (Red & cream livery)
E40304 London Transport Central Area (Red livery)

The British Model Buses site has posted scans from the magazine on their news page.

Saturday 6 February
IXO Announce New 1/43 Bus Models
IXO Models has announced two further items will be added to its 1/43 scale bus & coach range during 2021.
Wholesaler John Ayrey lists the RRP for both of these models as £58.99.

BUS027 GMC Scenicruiser - White/Silver Greyhound 1956

BUS028 Skoda 706 RO - Blue/White 1947

Oxford Diecast 2021 Update
The latest Oxford Diecast Globe Magazine contains a feature piece on the planned Alexander M Type Coach that is due to be added to the 1/76 Omnibus range towards the end of the year.
There's also a release schedule for all new items announced at the end of January.

Wednesday 3 February
British Railway Announcements - Spring 2021
Bachmann earlier today announced plans for there releases due in the second quarter of 2021.
As the title suggests this is their British Railways announcement, although as with previous quarterly announcements there doesn't appear to be news of any other products.

In terms of EFE diecast road vehicle range, there's no mention of any new products or updates on the new tooling announced 2 years ago.

The EFE Rail range is mentioned in the announcement video on You Tube, but there are no new additions planned for range during this quarter. The first motorized version of the former Gilbow Underground train is still awaiting release and there's no update on when that is expected to arrive.

A full list of all the new model rail products can be found on the Bachmann Europe site.

Wednesday 3 February
Model Bus Federation February Journal Review
The Model Bus Federation's February 2021 issue of the Model Bus Journal has been sent out to its members. This is the only publication solely dedicated to model bus news & other related articles in the UK.

To give you an idea of the contents of the Journal I will provide a brief summary of each issue.
If the contents below are of interest, you may wish to consider becoming a member of the MBF, the annual subscription starts at £25.00 with special reduced rates available for younger members aged 14-18.
For further details please visit the

Model Bus Journal - Issue 598 February 2021 - 32 pages

  • Editorial
  • Cover Story - The cover model photograph.
  • Virtual Scottish Show by Mick Claisse - With the real annual meeting unable to take place due to the ongoing Covid crisis a virtual meet took place instead. This illustrated article shows the entries & winners of each of the fourteen best model classes.
  • Product News UK 1 by Arun Sharma - News of Radley Models new 1/50th scale Ford Thames Trader Underground railway breakdown tender.
  • 50 Years of the MBF Shop (1) by Chris Pearsons - Chris looks back at the history of the MBF's Shop and his 50 years fulfilling orders placed by members.
  • 50 Years of the MBF by Edmund Yorke - Edmund recalls how the MBF Shop came to be.
  • Non-Drying-Paint! by Dave Jessop - Dave Jessop has experienced some issues with paint not drying on his custom made resin parts. He's done some testing to find the cause.
  • Welcome Aboard - Welcome to new & returning members.
  • Plan of the Month by Alan Johnson - 1962 BET 36' Leyland Leopard B54F as used by County Motors.
  • Area News - News from the latest virtual area meets in South Wales & Herefordshire, Greater Manchester, North Midlands & Yorkshire.
  • Product News UK (2) - An update on the current & upcoming 2021 Martson Models resin kits.
  • MBF Shop 1 - The MBF Streetscene, Little Bus Company & Paragon range of white metal/resin parts & accessories, plus the MBF Streetscene 2K resin model kits that are exclusively available to MBF members.
  • MBF Shop 2 - Details of former ABS white metal bus kits which are currently available in to members in MBF Streetscene.
  • The Back Page - A selection of shots showing the rear aspect of six coaches operated by Dudley's of Radford who ceased trading at the end of 2020.

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