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GBB09 (Atlas Product code: 4 655 109)
Western National (route 178)
GBB09 front view GBB09 rear view
PLEASE NOTE: The model pictured has had it's radiator & headlamps re-fitted in the correct positions.
The picture at the bottom of this page shows the model in it's original out of the box condition.
Fleet No.895 RegistrationHOD 22
Route No.178 DestinationPaignton (Bus Stn.)
AdvertsButlins Minehead (near side) & Royal Blue Express Services (off-side)
NotesThis model isn't fitted with driving mirrors.
The model was supplied with the following items: 6 Collectors Cards & vehicle history leaflet.
Some if not all of the models were incorrectly assembled with the result that a gap exists between the plastic radiator & metal bonnet casting. If your thinking about correcting this error it should be noted the radiator is fixed in place with varying amounts of glue!
IssuedJanuary 2011 Release / QtyCode 1 / Unknown
GBB09 front view GBB09 rear view
GBB09 model & packaging GBB09 Vehicle History Booklet
GBB09 Poorly fitting radiator
Note the large gap between radiator grille and bonnet casting, this is due to the incorrect assembly of the black
plastic headlamp component which has been position in front of rather than behind the metal bonnet casting.
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