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Wolverhampton Corporation
OM40102A front view OM40102A back view
Photographs kindly supplied by David Rowe
Fleet No.455 RegistrationEJW 455
Route No.58 DestinationDudley via Sedgley
AdvertsSuzanne Wedding Gown (nearside)
Notes50% of the models were issued with the above route & destination, the other 50% (OM40102B) carry "8 Fighting Cocks" destination.
This model was advertised in the Corgi 2010 Catalogue with 8B Dudley Br. destinations.
IssuedSeptember 2010 Release / QtyStandard / 500 (1000 across both versions)
OM40102A front view OM40102A back view
OM40102A near side view OM40102A off-sideview
OM40102B front & rear view
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