OOC Yearly Releases

Yearly Corgi OOC Model Release Statistics

The table below contains links to individual pages that show full details of all the models released each month during a particular year.

The table also shows a breakdown of the overall totals of various categories of models released each year along with the number of both standard & commissioned models.

Despite all of the models produced being listed on this site, the yearly release pages have currently only been compiled from 2006 onwards. Eventually it is hoped to expand this section to include all the earlier years dating back to the original launch of the OOC range in 1994.

See notes section below the chart to clarify exactly what's been included in each of the categories.
Click the year link for a full monthly breakdown of all the model releases.
Year New Castings Total Releases Standard Commissioned D/Deck S/Deck Tram Sets
Dual destination releases are counted as two individual models
# Includes Corgi toys range Routemaster Bus & New Routemaster models.