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Oxford Die-cast 76SB003
London Transport / Greenline
76SB003 front view 76SB003 rear view
OperatorLondon Transport Executive
Fleet No.-- RegistrationPTE 592
Route No.447 DestinationReigate via Doods Rd, Meadvale, Redhill
Livery NotesDark green with gold fleetnames
NotesThis vehicle was a Leyland Motors Demonstrator used by London Transport in trials during 1953 to evaluate serveral different single deck vehicle types.
The model has a "On hire to London Transport" sign on the windscreen.
IssuedNovember 2018 Release TypeStandard
Total IssuedNot known Box Type Plastic case/ Oxford Omnibus card sleeve
76SB003 nearside view 76SB003 off-side view
76SB003 front view 76SB003 rear view
76SB003 Packaging
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