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8 November 2015
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Andrew Goodwin
Paragon Kits
206 St. James' Park Rd

Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope with all enquires.

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Kit PK68 - Duple Roadmaster Guy Arab UF [Red & White]

Some of the other kits currently in stock. (Kits: FAN05A, PK67 & PK71)


A range of bus kits made in cast polyurethane resin, with whitemetal fittings, printed windows and moulded windscreens as appropriate. Some kits are made entirely from whitemetal or are a combination of whitemetal and etched brass.

An extensive range of conversion parts, mainly in whitemetal, designed for converting and adapting die-cast models and metal kits, together with accessories such as SEATS, WHEELS, MIRRORS, WIPERS etc. New items are being added all the time.

Paragon also stock some materials and a selection of items for bus modellers which are produced by other makers. Many items are produced in small quantities at a time so stocks may be low.

All items are to 1:76 scale (4mm=1 ft) suitable for 00/EM gauge.

NOTE: This is a hobby activity, not a business, and all transactions are by post only. Please read TERMS & CONDITIONS at before placing orders, and calculate postage carefully.
Discount on KITS to MBF members, please enquire.

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Paragon Model Kits
Image Ref No. Model Availability
PK02F Optare/StarRider Mercedes (with optional fastflow door/step SOLD OUT
PK03 UVG/Caetano S.320 coach (metal kit) In stock
PK04 Plaxton Bustler/Bedford YRT (etched brass and white metal) In stock
PK05 Iveco 49-10 Robin Hood B19F Pre-order
for short re-run
PK09 Willowbrook Expressway Bedford YRQ C45F Pre-order
for short re-run
PK0610 Optare L1000 Excel Mk 1 10m (resin body/whit emetal parts) In stock
PK0611 Optare L1150 Mk 1 (metal kit) In stock
PK0617 Optare L1070 Excel Mk 1 10.7m (resin body/white metal parts) In stock
PK0705 Strachan Pacemaker Ford 5 bay design In stock
PK12 WMPTE 'standard' MCW Fleetline SOLD OUT
PK1309 Caetano Slimbus Dart SLF - Jersey style In stock
Last Few
PK14 Bedford CFL Plaxton Mini Supreme C17F SOLD OUT
PK15 Commer-Harrington 'Contender' bus In stock
PK16 Alexander S Ford A series minibus B27F In stock
PK1801 Dennis Trident East Lancs Lolyne 10,45m. Printed square corner windows In stock
PK1910 Plaxton Derwent II 10m bus (Bedford/Ford etc. - two alternative fronts supplied) In stock
Last Few
PK1911 Plaxton Derwent II 11m bus (AEC/Leyland etc.) SOLD OIT
PK20 Duple Donnington 2 service coach - AEC/LEyland SOLD OIT
PK21 Dennis Falcon P5 Strachan B30F (Aldershot & District) SOLD OIT
PK22 Optare Metrorider 4 SOLD OUT
PK23 1950 Massey lowbridge-bodied Regent II (Southend style) SOLD OIT
PK24 Leyland-bodied Royal Tiger bus B44F In stock
PK25 Massey lowbridge PD2 etc 1960-1 Pre-order
PK27 Bedford SB Duple 1957-9 service bus SOLD OIT
PK28 Duple Lowbridge L53RD Guy Arab III (Red & White Services) SOLD OIT
PK29 Hestair Duple 425 integral coach SOLD OUT
PK30 Leyland TS1/2 Leyland B32R In stock
PK31 Leyland TS1/2 Leyland B32R Pre-Order

PK34 AEC Swift Strachan LTE XMS class bus In stock
PK35 AEC Reliance Beadle ""Chatham"" Maidstone & District In stock
PK37 Bedford SB Duple Vega 31 (1970s) In stock
Last Few

PK38 Lydney Royal Tiger [Red & White] In stock
PK39-2 Plaxton Elite II Bedford VAM or Ford C45F SOLD OUT
PK40A AEC Reliance Park Royal
[Aldershot & District]
Not Yet Available

PK40E East Kent (WFN) Park Royal Reliance In stock
Last Few
PK41 Bedford YRT Caetano Estoril II Pre-order
PK42 Duple Vista 25 Bedford VAS 1970s In stock
Last Few
PK43 Bedford VAS Duple Bella Vista 1964 Ask!
PK44 LEX Maxeta Bedford YMQS (Etched brass on resin shell) In development
PK45 Massey lowbridge PD3 30’ last style Pre-order
Note: the above two kits are replacements for the Birmingham “Standards” which have been done by others;
PK 44 by Marsden Models and PK 45 by Forward Models.

PK46 Willowbrook Bedford VAL B54F
Alternative front domes supplied
In stock
Last Few
PK47 Bedford J2 Duple ""Compact"" C19F In stock
PK48 Bedford VAM Plaxton Panorama 1 In stock
PK51 Leyland Royal Tiger PSU1/13 East Lancs [Southdown] Pre-order
PK53 AEC Regal Beadle Maidstone & District (HKE) In stock
Last Few
PK54 Bristol LL6G ECW Maidstone & District (MKN) In stock
Last Few
PK55 MCW Metropolitan Bedford VAM C45F Pre-order
PK56C Beadle/Commer ""Rochester"" coach centre entrance Pre-order
PK56F Beadle-Commer “Rochester” DP41F East Kent Pre-order
PK57 Marshall BET Leopard 10m (Maidstone & District) Ask!

PK57S Bristol RESL Marshall as Southdown (TCD reg.) Ask!
PK58 Bedford VAM Duple Viceroy 1970 style C45F In stock
Last Few
PK58E Duple Viceroy Express Ford R192 1070 In stock
Last Few
PK59 Bedford VAM Duple Viscount 1966 C45F SOLD OUT
PK60 Yeates half cab Dennis Lancet 1949 SOLD OUT

PK61 Bedford OB Plaxton C29F In stock
PK62 Bedford OB Thurgood C29F Not yet Available
PK63 Bedford OB Plaxton L3 C30F FULL FRONT Pre-order
Not Yet Available
  PK64 Reserved for future kit  
PK65 Viceroy 37 VAL [1970s] Pre-order
PK66 Viceroy 37 R226 etc Pre-order
PK67 Willowbrook Warrior PSU3 Leopard rebody In stock
PK68 Duple Roadmaster Guy Arab UF [Red & White] In stock
  PK69 Reserved for future kit  
  PK70 Reserved for future kit  
PK71 AEC Regal III Beadle rebuild [M&D WKM] In stock
  PK72 Reserved for future kit  
PK73 Willowbrook 001 Bedford VAL B54F Pre-order
  PK74 - 78 Reserved for future kits  
PK79 Willowbrook PSU3 Leopard DP [Birch Bros.] Pre-order
  PK80 Reserved for future kit  

Re-issued kits – other producers:
CJT 1 East Lancs National Greenway long
Ex CJ Taylor, courtesy Martin Bensley
In stock

FAN 02 Bedford VAL Duple Vega Major 1964
Ex Fanfare, courtesy Richard Oses
In stock
FAN 05A Duple Alpine Continental C51F
Ex Fanfare, courtesy LBC Models Ltd
In stock
FAN 05C Duple Continental C51F [short windows]
Ex Fanfare, courtesy LBC Models Ltd
N.B. This will not be issued until a suitable sub-master can be sourced!
FAN 11 Bedford SB Duple Bella Vega
Ex Fanfare, courtesy Richard Oses
FAN 22A Harrington “dorsal fin” AEC Regal III
Ex Fanfare, courtesy Don Middleton
In stock
LK05 Dennis Dart SDL 9.8m Northern Counties 'Paladin' In stock
There is a possibility of re-issuing (in resin) the Regent Models Dennis Falcon 3
kit which was originally sold by Fanfare as kit 19A/B/C. Also, RTC Models
Optare Vecta and Ikarus Citibus with resin bodies and the rest in metal.

If you are interested WE NEED TO KNOW!

Ex Tiny Kits
Following the sad passing of Keith Turner we have agreed with TiNY to assume responsibility for
some of their unissued projects, as follows:
All pre-orders held by TiNY have been passed to us so when done you will be advised.
Most items need a lot of work before issue so they won’t be available any time soon!
TK15 Harrington Wayfarer 1 Pre-order
TK23 1954 Plaxton Venturer C41C underfloor engined Pre-order
TK24 1954 Plaxton Venturer C41F Bedford SB etc. Pre-order
TK25 Bellhouse-Hartwell “Landmaster” Pre-order
TK33 Plaxton Consort IV Bedford SB Pre-order

Body Shells
Intended to be used in conjunction with EFE etc. components and/or self-build interiors.
Image Ref No. Model Availability
PB01 Plaxton 'Peanut' body for Bedford J2SZ (first style) - build your own interior/chassis SOLD OUT
PB02 Plaxton Pointer Dart 8.5m - designed to use EFE Dart interior. chassis and windows SOLD OUT
PB02A Plaxton Pointer 9m body for EFE Dart SDL In stock
PB03A Duple Vega 'Fishmouth' body for early Bedford SB 206"" wheel-base - designed to use EFE SB as a basis In stock
Last Few
PB03B Duple Vega 'Early butterfly front' body for early Bedford SB 206"" wheel-base - designed to use EFE SB as a basis In stock
Last Few
PB04 Plaxton Venturer for early Bedford SB 206"" wheel-base - designed to use EFE SB, or freelance SOLD OUT
PB05 Gurney Nutting 'Merton' generic design - 18'6"" wheelbase; two different fronts supplied. Intended for freelance chassis/seats In stock
PB06 Weymann DP shell (East Kent AEC Reliance) - designed to fit EFE 30' BET chassis/seats In stock
PB07 Plaxton M1 full-front generic design - 1948-50 7'6"" wide - designed to use EFE half-cab coach chassis, or freelance In stock
PB08 Thurgood gereric full-front design for Bedford SB etc. - designed for EFE SB or freelance interior/chassis In stock
PB09 Plaxton D2/M1 half-cab body 1947-9 - designed to fit EFE half-cab coach chassis/seats SOLD OUT
PB10 UVG 'Urbanstar' body for step-entrance Dart 10.1m - designed to use EFE Dart as running gear/seats In stock
PB11 Optare 'Sigma' body: Dennis Lance - for freelance interior/chassis Pre-order
Not Available Yet
PB12 Marshall C37 body for step entrance Dart 9.8m - designed to fit EFE Dart seats.chassis Pre-order
Not Available Yet

PB13 Alexander Y type Bedford VAM - designed for use with cut down EFE Pre-order
Not Available Yet
PB14 Aexander Y type Bristol LH - designed for use with cut down EFE Not Available Yet
PB15 Burlingham Seagull Bedford SB Not Available Yet
PB16 Burlingham Seagull front entrance Not Available Yet
PB17 Reserved for future body shell kit Not Available Yet
PB18 Burlingham “Sun Saloon” for heavyweight chassis
Build your own chassis/interior
In stock

PB19 Caetano Optimo I bodyshell
This is a basic hand cast bodyshell for expert modellers
Made To Order
PB20 Reserved for future body shell kit Not Available Yet
PX01 “Full height” lower deck for EFE VRT
Can be used for Fleetline/Atlantean conversions in conjunction with other parts.

Other vehicle kits:
PV04 Trojan minibus “jellymould” style Pre-order
PV06 BMC EA Asco “Clubman” Not Yet Available
PV10 Mercedes Plaxton Mini Supreme C25F
Resin with whitemetal seats and wheels
In stock
Last Few
Andrew writes: If you are interested in anything listed as SOLD OUT please make sure you
let us know, as short re-runs are often possible of recent kits. Similarly earlier kits not listed
here could always be re-run IF THERE WERE SUFFICIENT DEMAND - so we kneed to know!!

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