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Plymouth Citybus
(TTC Diecast - Showbus 2011 adverts)
UKBUS 5017SB front nearside view UKBUS 5017SB rear offside view
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OperatorPlymouth Citybus Ltd
Fleet No.91 RegistrationWA56 OZR
Route No.43 DestinationCity Centre
Livery NotesSuperRider. " Loughborogh Model Centre (Derby) - Showbus 2012 IWM Duxford September 18th 2011" side adverts
NotesSingle Door. Code 3 model modified by TTC Diecast and released on the 18th September 2011 at the Showbus Rally.
Some of the models were used as rally prizes. Issued with numbered certificates.
IssuedSeptember 2011 Release TypeCode 3
Total Issued50 Box Type Plastic Card Outer
UKBUS 5017SB front off-side view UKBUS 5017SB rear nearside view
UKBUS 5017SB front & rear view
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