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London Transport - Country Area
Yellow band - Route 50 - RT 50 Adverts
101003A front view 101003A rear view
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Fleet No. RT3254 Registration--
Route No.50 Destination Covent Garden LT Museum
Adverts"RT50 - Fifty Years Of The RT Bus 1939-1989" side adverts
LiveryGreen with yellow between decks band. Black mudguards and gold fleetnames.
NotesType A baseplate. Commissioned by James Stirling (Allsorts) for the RT 1 Group to mark the 50th Anniversary of the RT. These were available at an event held at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden on the 6th August 1989.
Destination blinds read 'Fifty Years Of RT Buses On The Streets Of London'.
Only 48 models with the yellow between decks band were produced and came with the letter shown.
See also alternative cream band versions 101003B and 101003C.
IssuedAugust 1989 Release Code 2 / Standard
101003A The letter supplied with this model The text of the letter reads -

E.F.E. Green "RT 50" with Yellow Band.

These 48 models were a "rush job" delivered to the group on 5th August 1989, the day prior to the event that the models commemorate. All the components were ready for the production run to commence, and the group requested that the remainder (960 pieces) should be assembled with cream bands.

We are not aware of any overrun and certify that there are only 48 pieces known to exists with yellow bands.

signed James Stirling

James Stirling
For the RT 1 Group.
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