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London Transport - Country Area
Home Choice Advert
10121C front view 10121C rear view
Special thanks go to Tony Price for supplying the picture of the certificate.
Fleet No.RT3148 RegistrationKYY 877
Route No.351 DestinationCroxley LT Stn
AdvertsSide adverts - "HomeChoice - A New Way To Go Home" (near side) and "You can rely on Dulux - ICI" (off side). Coat of Arms logo on rear.
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band and gold fleetnames.
NotesLimited edition of 1250 models supplied with certificate and produced by Allsorts to raise funds for the Home Choice Kidney Machine Appeal.
IssuedApril 1996 Release Code 2 / Standard
10121C The numbered certificate supplied with the model
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