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London Transport - Country Area
Route 325 - Green Rover Advert
10121G/2 front view 10121G/2 rear view
Special thanks go to Tony Vozniak (aka tonyvoz) for supplying all the pictures on this page.
Fleet No.RT3148 RegistrationKYY 877
Route No.325 DestinationVia Becketts Avenue Prospect Road
Adverts"Green Rover - Bus About Tickets - A days unlimited travel Every Day on Green Country Buses - 6'-' side adverts and 'EFE Collectors Club 1998'"rear advert
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band and gold fleetnames.
NotesProduced for EFE Collectors Club members in 1998. Limited edition of 240 models made up of 24 examples of this version and 216 examples of 10121G/1 on route 321.
IssuedMarch 1998 Release Code 3 / Standard
10121G/2 The numbered certificate supplied with the model
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