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London Transport - Central Area
Route 7A - Part of Cobham Set 99920
10128GS front view 10128GS rear view
Fleet No.SRT97 RegistrationFJJ 738
Route No.7A DestinationEast Acton Markpeace Arms
AdvertsSide adverts - "walking holidays all over the world - Ramblers Holidays - 1953 our Eighth Year' (near side) and "- a more exciting holiday - call Ambassador 5294 for a 1953 brouchure - Ramblers Holidays - from North Norway ... ... to Southern Greece" (off-side). "Pressurized Elizabethan BEA" & "Brussels BEA" front adverts and "walking in the countryside? - Join us The Ramblers Association - Ambassador 5294" rear advert.
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold fleetnames
NotesPart of Set 99920 with model 26307 produced for the London Bus Preservation Trust (Cobham Bus Museum) and Ramblers Holidays and only available direct from the commissioners.
Note - This model carries incorrect rear registration 738 FJJ rather than the correct FJJ 738 found on the front!
IssuedFebruary 2000 Release Part of Code 2 Gift Set 99920.
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