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London Transport - Country Area
Route 353 Express - Go By Train Adverts
10132C front view 10132C rear view
Picture below kindly supplied by Geoff Baker
Fleet No.RT3899 RegistrationLLU 698
Route No.353 DestinationBerkhamstead Stn
Adverts"Save up to 5/- in the - Go By Train Mid-Week- May to October - British Railways" side adverts. "the eyes" and "have it!" front adverts
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band and gold fleet names.
NotesProduced for, and only available from London's Transport Museum. The model has white on blue destination blinds.
The first via point shown on all of the models destinations blinds is incorrectly printed as Cheshan, it should be Chesham.
This model is usually a re-working of issue 10132 however a second rarer version of this model has also come to light that is based on a re-working of issue 10130, this has identical decals but retains the bolder style of fleet name without the black outlining and the covered rear wheel hubs found on the original base model. A silver sticker used to represent the platform bulkhead window is also missing on the rarer version of the model. See picture below....
IssuedJuly 2004 Release Code 2 / Standard
Top: Rarer version of model based on issue 10130,
Bottom: Common version based on issue 10132
Note the different rear wheel hubs & fleet names.

10132C Standard version bottom, rarer version top
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