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London Transport - Central Area
(Coronation Route Tour)
34101B front view 34101B rear view
Fleet No.RT2629 RegistrationLYF 354
Route No.-- DestinationCoronation Route Tour
Adverts"Change To Littlewoods For Bigger Dividends" (near side), "You can rely on Dulux" (off-side). "If its Trueman's it is Beer" (front x2) &"Watch You Step" rear off-side corner spot.
LiveryRed with with beige between decks band and black mudguards. Gold underlined fleet names
NotesProduced for members of EFE's Subscription Service. This model is a reworking of release 34101 and the nearside advertisement is a sticker.
IssuedAugust 2013 Release Code 1 / Standard
34101B front view 34101B rear view
34101B front view 34101B front view
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