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Coventry Corporation Transport
(UK Bus Driver of the Year 50th Anniversary)
34108A front view 34108A rear view
Photographs kindly supplied by Derek W. Wright
Fleet No.99 RegistrationGKV 99
Route No.2016 (front) 1967 (rear) DestinationBlackpool (front) Coventry (1967)
Adverts"bus driver of the year 50 years of excellence 1967-2016" (both sides)
LiveryMaroon with cream relief bands
NotesLimited edition of 157 certificated models produced for the 2016 UK Bus Driver of the Year event held in BLackpool on the 4th September 2016.
Side destination blind reads "BDoY @ 50". This model is a reworking of issue 34108 and has the side advertisments printed on labels.
IssuedSeptember 2016 Release Standard / Code 2
34108A nearside view 34108A off-side view
34108A front & back 34108A numbered certificate
34108A box
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