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London Transport Country Area (Route 93 Express)
34114 front view 34114 rear view
Fleet No.RT4276 RegistrationNLE 940
Route No.93 (Express) DestinationEpsom Station via Sutton Ewell
Adverts"British Railways - The Flying Scotsman - 10 am. daily Kings Cross - Edinburgh" (both sides)
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band & gold fleet names
NotesThis model was produced for members of the EFE Collectors Association.
This model is a reworking of issue 34106. It has white on blue Express destination blinds, the side advertisements and front window slip board are printed on labels.
Here' a link to a rare shot of the real RT4276 on the route in 1955, can you spot the model error?
IssuedJune 2016 Release Code 1 / Standard
34114 front view 34114 rear view
34114 front view 34114 rear view
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