Prevous Model Dual Door Daimler Fleetline DMS (with Flush Rear) Next Model
City of Oxford Motor Services (N.B.C.)
(Oxford - South Midland Park & Ride)
25707 front view 25707 rear view
Fleet No.994 RegistrationJGU275K
Route No.-- DestinationPark & Ride
AdvertsSide adverts - "Oxford Mail - Park and Read Tonight" (nearside) and "For a brighter evening Oxford Mail" (offside). "Oxford Mail - Follow the news" rear advert.
LiveryWhite with red and blue stripes up swept at rear. Light grey skirt and rear end lower deck
NotesAbove lower deck side window slogans 'Fare 30p - Accompanied children free - Every 10-12 minutes - Free parking - Redbridge - City Centre - Peartree' (nearside) and 'Fare 30p - Redbridge - City Centre - Peartree - Free parking - Accompanied children free under 16 years - Every 10-12 minutes' (offside). Rear engine cover slogans 'Low cost ride - free ample parking - Accompanied children free.
IssuedJanuary 2000 Release De-Regulation Series
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