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London Transport (Route 5)
Part of London Transport Museum Gift Set 99921
25708GS front view 25708GS rear view
Fleet No.DMS2000 RegistrationKJD 500P
Route No.5 DestinationEast Ham White Horse
Adverts"Red Bus Pass - still only 6 a month - From Underground stations, Bus garages, Travel Enquiry Offices and many agents of National Travel' side adverts. 'Red Bus Pass - Still only 6' front adverts and 'Please let the bus go first' rear advert.
LiveryRed with white upper deck window surrounds and roundels. Yellow front entrance doors.
NotesPart of Code 2 gift set 99921. Also released as an individually boxed model by the London Transport Museum.
IssuedFebruary 2000 (in set)
March 2001 (as individual release)
Release Standard
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