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Citybus Hong Kong (Route 500)
25709GS front view 25709GS rear view
Fleet No.D41 RegistrationDB 7407
Route No.500 DestinationHong Kong Shen Zhen
Adverts"Route no. 500 Hong Kong - Shenzhen Express' on between deck side panels (Chinese near-side & English off-side)
LiveryYellow with blue and red stripes on between decks panels. Red and white bands below lower deck windows. White roof.
NotesPart of Code 2 Citybus gift set 19906(A) with model 13912 which was only available in Hong Kong. This model also has additional Chinese registration marks 75#A0033. Limited edition 1250 sets supplied with numbered certificates produced for Hong Kong Citybus.
IssuedJuly 2000 Release Part of Code 2 Citybus gift set 19906(A)
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