Prevous Model Short Leyland National Mark II Bus (Dual Door / Small Roof Pod)
London Transport (route P4)
16903 front view 16903 rear view
For further details please visit the Invicta Model Rail web site.
Fleet No.LS488 RegistrationGUW 488W
Route No.P4 DestinationBrixton LT Station
LiveryRed with yellow front door & white bumpers & roundels.
NotesThis certificated model was commissioned by Invicta Model Rail Ltd and is limited edition of 300 pieces. Note that supplied certificate incorrectly states the model number as 16904.
This model is a re-working of issue 16902.
IssuedApril 2015 Release Code 2 / Standard
16903 front view 16903 rear view
16903 front view 16903 rear view
16903 Supplied certificate 16903 Model, packaging & certificate
 Prevous Model