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Green Line/London Country
Route 711 / Issued in gift set 99933A)
35703 front view 35703 rear view
Fleet No.RC5 RegistrationCUV 63C
Route No.711 DestinationHigh Wycombe Via London (Oxford Circus)
LiveryDark green with light green waistband.
NotesThis model as cove mounted route boards bearing the following: "711 Reigate London High Wycombe 711 Kingswood Sutton Tooting Oxford Circus Eailing Uxbridge Beaconsfield".
This model was a commissioned for the London Transport Museum and issued in gift set 15A Green Line Prototypes (EFE Ref. 99933A).
IssuedSeptember 2011 Release Issue as part of Code 2 Gift Set 99933A
35703 front view 35703 rear view
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