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(10501DL) - Part of Gift Set 99903
London Carriers (With Express Parcels Slogan)
10501DL front view 10501DL rear view
Fleet No.13 Registration--
Slogans"London Carriers Limited - National and International Distribution Service - Express Parcel Service" on box body. "P.O. Box 130 Croydon" on cab doors.
LiveryGreen with black chassis.
NotesThis model is known to exist in two different shades of green. Issued in the De-Luxe Boxvans Set 99903 with models 10503DL and 11002DL.
This De-Luxe Series model is a re-working of issue 10501.
IssuedMay 1991 Release Part of De-luxe Boxvan Set 99903
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