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(10903DL) - Part of Gift Set 99904
Liquid Powders & Gas Transport Co. Ltd [LPG Transport] (With Hoses)
10903DL(GS) front view 10903DL(GS) rear view
Fleet No.-- Registration--
Slogans"Liquid Powders & Gas Transport Co. Ltd" on tank. "L.P.G. Transport" on cab header board, doors and the rear of the tank. "Danger Inflammable" on side pipe supports and "Long vehicle" legends on rear.
LiveryYellow cab and tank supports with white tank and black chassis.
NotesHas plastic hoses & supports along either side of tank. Part of De-luxe Tankers Gift Set 99904 with models 10601DL and 10604DL.
This De-Luxe Series model is a re-working of issue 10903.
IssuedOctober 1991 Release Part of De-luxe Tankers Gift Set 99904
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