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Tower Transit
OM46508B front view OM46508B Near-side view
Fleet No.VN36108 RegistrationBJ11 DTO
Route No.25 DestinationOxford Circus
AdvertsMagic 105.4 (nearside) & The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (off-side)
Notes50% of the models were produced with the above route & destination while the other 50% carried "25 Ilford" destinations (OM46508A).
Note: The Corgi pre-production photograph showing the front destination above for this model has been applied to an earlier release of the model.
IssuedSeptember 2015 Release / QtyStandard / 750 (1400 across both versions)
OM46508B off-side view OM46508B front view
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