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Percy's Luxury Tours of Peckham
CC02741 front view
Fleet No.- RegistrationPEL 915M
Route No.- DestinationJolly Boys Outing
Notes The model depicts a similar coach from a fictitious operator which appeared in the 1989 Christmas Day episode of the BBC TV comedy Series "Only Fools & Horses". The episode was called "Jolly Boys Outing" as reflected by the posters carried in the coach windows. During the episode a dodgey car radio supplied by the Del Boy character exploded and destroyed the vehicle. Further details & photographs of the scene can be found on the Buses on Screen site.
The real coach featured, actually had a later style Plaxton Panorama Elite body fitted.
A more accurate version was produced by Exclusive First Editions in 2014 (15716) and was an exclusive commission for the Only Fools & Horses Fan Club.
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