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Percy's Luxury Tours of Peckham
(From the Only Fools & Horses BBC TV Series)
15716 front view 15716 front view
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Model available from Only Fools & Horses Fan Site or via
Fleet No.-- RegistrationPEL 915M
Route No.-- Destination--
AdvertsThe model has window posters reading "1989 Jolly Boys Outing Nags Head Peckham" in front windscreen and "The Jolly Boys Outing Nags Head Peckham 1989" in side and rear windows.
LiveryMaroon with white waistband & and black side window surrounds.
NotesThis model was commissioned by the Only Fools & Horses Fan Site and comes packaged in a special card box.
The model depicts a coach from a fictitious operator which appeared in the 1989 Christmas Day episode of the BBC TV comedy Series "Only Fools & Horses". The episode was called "Jolly Boys Outing" as reflected by the posters carried in the coach windows. During the episode a dodgey car radio supplied by the Del Boy character exploded and destroyed the vehicle. Further details & photographs of the scene can be found on the Buses on Screen site.
Note the model reference code 15716 allocated by EFE isn't shown anywhere on the model packaging. Although not certificated, 600 models are understood to have been produced.
IssuedFebruary 2014 Release Code 2 / Special Packageing
15716 front view 15716 front view
15716 front view
15716 Front window signs 15716 rear window sign
15716 Front of special packageing 15716 rear of special packaging
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