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London Transport - Central Area - Fisherman's Friend
(Also part of gift set 19902)
101006T(GS) front view 101006T(GS) rear view
Fleet No.RT3254 Registration--
Route No.406F DestinationDerby Day Special
Adverts"Lofthouse's - Fisherman's Friend - Extra Strong Throat & Chest Lozenges" side adverts
LiveryRed with beige between decks band. Black mudguards and gold fleetnames.
NotesTextured baseplate (Type B).
Promotional model produced for Lofthouse, and available via a Fisherman's Friend on pack offer. Model supplied in themed box. Model was also used in Gift Set 99902 with models 105001 and 108001. Quantity produced 10000 models.
IssuedOctober 1990
(Individual Issue and in Gift Set 99902)
Release Code 2 / Individual Special Box
Also part of Gift Set 99902.
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