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Lofthouse's Fisherman's Friend
Set 99902 - Box Set 99902 - Contents
Set TypeBus & lorries Models in set3
Model 1101006 - AEC Regent III RT Double Deck Bus
 London Transport ~ Central Area - Fleet Number: RT3254 - Registration: None - Route: 406F Derby Day Special
 Livery: Red with beige between decks band. Black mudguards and gold fleet names.
Model 2105001 AEC Mammoth Major 3 Axle Boxvan
 Fisherman's Friend - Fleet Number: None - Registration: None
 Livery: White with red chassis.
Model 3108001 - AEC Mammoth Major 4 Axle Dropside
 Fisherman's Friend - Fleet Number: None - Registration: None
 Livery: White with red chassis (** See Notes below)
NotesLimited edition of 10,000 pieces. All three models were also available as individual releases via an on pack promotional offer.
** There are reports that the 3 axle version of the dropside truck 103001 was issued in some versions of this set instead of the more commonly found 4 axle version.
The models are packaged in a custom card box.
CommissionerProduced for Lofthouse's Fisherman's Friend. Available via a promotional on pack offer.
IssuedOctober 1990 Release Type Standard Issue Boxed Set
Set 99902 - Models 101006, 105001, 108001
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