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London Transport - Country Area
(Driver Trainer - Shop Early By Bus advert)
34301A front view 34301A rear view
Fleet No.RT79 RegistrationFXT 254
Route No.- DestinationPrivate
Adverts"Shop Early By Bus - London Transport" (near side), "Post It To - Vernons - The World's Leading Football Pool" (off-side) and "Excide Batteries Keep Going" (front x2 & lower rear), "See and" & "be see" (rear upper)
LiveryGreen with beige between decks band and gold fleet names
NotesA limited edition of 440 certificated models produced for the London Bus Preservation Trust and released at their Cobham Bus Museum October 2009 Running Day. This model has L plates front & rear.
IssuedOctober 2009 Release Code 2 / Standard
34301A off-side front view 34301A off-side front view
34301A Supplied Certificate
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