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London Transport - Central Area
(Route 177 - Yorkshire Relish advert)
34302 front view 34302 rear view
Fleet No.RT98 RegistrationFXT 273
Route No.177 DestinationAbbey Wood Garage
Adverts"Always ask for Yorkshire Relish The Sauce of good taste" (near side), "British Railways - To Ireland By Rail And Sea Sleep Your Way In Comfort - British Railways"(off-side) and "Real John" & "Bull" (front). "If its Trumans it is Beer" & "If its Trumans it is Best" (rear)
LiveryRed with beige between decks band and gold fleet names
NotesThis model has twin headlights.
IssuedJanuary 2010 Release Standard
34302 front view 34302 rear view
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